What’s Trending this Season?

So wedding bells are beginning to ring and the excitement of the element of surprise is glooming. I cannot wait to see what this season brings!

Attending a few ‘I Do’s’ Myself, I’m looking forward to seeing what their special day entails, especially the fashion elements! These include the beautiful wedding gowns, the proud Mother of the Bride and Groom’ choice of attire, and of course the Bridesmaid styles and colours which really set off the Bride and the theme of the day.

This year’s particular favourites seem to be vintage shades, pinks with pearls and make up inspired hues. Blush shades are versatile sexy yet sophisticated, and sweet. The love of Lace has also dominated the season, working hand in hand creating beautiful timeless vintage feels.

Baroque Boutique Blog Trends

This new colour ‘Jasper’ by JLM (below left) is another way to create a vintage effect in a more unique way with a splash of colour. Their matching coloured lace works beautifully with the luminescent flowing chiffon.

Baroque Boutique Blog Trends 2

Other up and coming trends include peach…yes I said peach, at first it reminded me of my Mother’s wedding day too. However it is dominating Spring and is back with a vengeance. It’s actually very refreshing, In fact I’d go far enough to say that I love it! Especially when worn in different styles, which is a fab way of making sure each dress suits each bridesmaid.

Coryn xx